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Release Notes

Indigo Studio 2018 Vol. 2 (Update 0.2)
  • "Create account" navigates to to set up your new account.
Indigo Studio 2018 Vol. 2 (Update 0.1)
  • Compatibility check for MacOS Catalina
Indigo Studio 2018 Vol. 2
  • Added custom sizes for device, desktop and browser viewports when creating prototypes in the cloud
  • Added version history support for prototypes created directly in the cloud or published from Sketch (requires Indigo.Design Sync plugin)
  • Added support for any workspace member to make edits to prototypes published in their group workspace
  • Included new device chromes for image-based prototypes
  • Bug fixing, as usual
Indigo Studio 2018 Vol. 1
  • Create prototypes using Sketch documents or image files in the cloud
    • Added support for creating prototypes in your personal or group workspace by importing images or Sketch documents. You can then add interactions and transitions to create an interactive prototype
    • Share prototypes with reviewers to collect feedback via comments
    • Run usability studies for your Sketch or image-based prototypes to collect user videos and task analytics
    • Generate Angular components from prototypes created using the Indigo.Design system for Sketch. You will need Indigo.Design code generation extension for Visual Studio code.
  • Bug fixing, as usual
Indigo Studio 2018 Vol. 2
  • Added custom sizes for device, desktop and browser viewports when creating prototypes in the cloud
  • Added version history support for prototypes created directly in the cloud or published from Sketch (requires Indigo.Design Sync plugin)
  • Added support for any workspace member to make edits to prototypes published in their group workspace
  • Included new device chromes for image-based prototypes
  • Bug fixing, as usual
Indigo Studio 2018 Vol. 1
  • Create prototypes using Sketch documents or image files in the cloud
    • Added support for creating prototypes in your personal or group workspace by importing images or Sketch documents. You can then add interactions and transitions to create an interactive prototype
    • Share prototypes with reviewers to collect feedback via comments
    • Run usability studies for your Sketch or image-based prototypes to collect user videos and task analytics
    • Generate Angular components from prototypes created using the Indigo.Design system for Sketch. You will need Indigo.Design code generation extension for Visual Studio code.
  • Bug fixing, as usual
Indigo Studio 2017 Vol. 2 (Update 2.2.1)
  • Bug fixing
Indigo Studio 2017 Vol. 2 (Update 2.2)
Improvements include
  • Fix for issue when opening screens
  • Fix for issue when saving connection settings
Indigo Studio 2017 Vol. 2 (Update 2)
  • Support for image cropping
  • Improvements on importing from Balsamiq
  • Font Awesome icon pack upgraded to version 4.7.0
  • New Line Awesome icon pack
  • Updated help & support panel
  • Improvements to the support experience when reporting issues
  • And bug fixing!
Indigo Studio 2017 Vol. 2 (Update 1.1)
Improvements include
  • Fix for a problem while importing screens from Balsamiq
  • Fix for an issue while deleting cells in Bootstrap Container
  • Minor fixes related to Bootstrap Container and the properties panel
Indigo Studio 2017 Vol. 2
  • Open Indigo Studio projects exported from Sketch
  • Integrated help & support panel
  • Create usability studies from inside Indigo Studio
  • Add animation presets (fade, slide, flip, and pop) for UI elements on each state
  • Support for duplicating elements with Ctrl + drag (win) Cmd + drag (mac)
  • Improvements on performance when opening and sharing projects
  • Bug fixing, as usual
2017 Vol. 1 (Update 2.1)
Improvements include:
  • Fixes for broken links
  • Fix for issue when downloading Google Fonts
2017 Vol. 1 (Update 2)
  • Visual improvements for Mac Retina Display
  • Added Linea icon pack
  • Performance improvements when opening and saving screens and screenparts
  • Improvements in the icon picker
  • Added sorting documents by type in the Project Home
  • Remember view setting for Project Home
  • Added search for font picker
  • Updated visual design, especially for some message dialogs
  • Bug fixing, as usual
2017 Vol. 1 (Update 1.2)
Improvements include
  • Fix for problem displaying links with Google Fonts in the player
  • Fix for fonts with bold and underline in screens with Google Fonts and rich text
  • Fix for color picker positioning issue in 4k HiDPI monitors
  • Changes in the Help & Support section
  • Minor changes in styles, and more bug fixes
2017 Vol. 1 (Update 1.1)
Improvements include
  • Fix for a navigation problem between screens with multi-byte characters
  • Fix for screenpart instance customizations not being displayed in some scenarios
  • Minor fixes related to highlighting interactions and google fonts support
Indigo Studio 2017 Vol. 1
  • Gain qualitative and quantitative insights with unmoderated usability testing on
    • Watch video recordings of usability study sessions (both video and audio)
    • Add notes when watching videos to capture your observations
    • View clickmap for each participant
    • User flows are categorized based on popularity
    • Allow participants to complete usability task using altenative flows
  • Animation presets when adding and removing UI elements (fade, slide, flip, and pop)
  • Visual design refresh for the design surface, timeline, and toolbox
  • Copy and paste data from Excel into Table UI element
  • Use Alt + Click + ":" to search and add icons
  • Improved journal navigation between visited states
  • View all UI states using the keyboard shortcut "Space + X"
2016 Vol. 2 (Update 3.1)
Improvements include
  • Fix for font size editor of iOS text controls
2016 Vol. 2 (Update 3)
  • Download and use Google fonts in your prototypes
  • More options for font weight when using Google fonts (e.g., thin-100, light-300)
  • Specific interactions for iOS UI elements (e.g., when user "turns on" switch)
  • Bug fixes, always
2016 Vol. 2 (Update 2.2)
Improvements include
  • Updated naming for iPhone viewports to SE, 7, and 7 Plus
  • Fix for pasting in values in the color picker
  • Fix for distributing vertical space evenly
  • Multiple fixes for interactions that were misbehaving ;)
2016 Vol. 2 (Update 2)
  • Support for GIFs in prototypes
  • Specific interaction triggers for checkbox, radio buttons, tabs, listbox, dropdown, and tree
  • One less step when adding an interaction for navigating to a URL or to a new screen
  • Highlight element when hovering over an action for that element in the Timeline
  • Search in Elements & Layers panel and image picker
  • Updated visual design for application menu and project home
  • Updated visual design for icon picker, image picker, and Import screenpart dialog
  • Help & support tab in the application menu now shows more ways to get in touch with us and a link to the help center
  • About tab in the application menu includes support and license information
  • Welcome dialog for new users, showing how prototyping works in Indigo Studio
  • Guided walkthrough to help new users create and share a simple prototype
  • Bug fixes for color picker, mini-IX explorer, and more
2016 Vol. 2 (Update 1.4)
Improvements include
  • Better detection of startup problems on Windows
  • Basic configuration for on-premises feature
  • Fix for duplicated tags display in share dialog
  • Fix for duplicating iOS elements in Essential
  • Fix for rotating lines with Shift key to vertical/horizontal position
2016 Vol. 2 (Update 1.3)
Improvements include
  • New option to see curated community shares in indigodesigned panel
  • Automatic recovery of broken project files
  • Fix for issue when editing tags in the share dialog
2016 Vol. 2 (Update 1.2)
Improvements include
  • Fix for issue with the viewport picker
  • Fix for crash in scenario while saving project to a network folder
  • Fix for issue in screen picker when defining a navigate interaction
  • Better HTML export flow
Announcing Indigo Studio 2016 Vol. 2
Introducing Group Workspaces for collaboration & free and affordable subscription plans for Indigo Studio.
  • Create your very own private design community with group workspaces on
    • Share prototypes or design libraries to a private group. Only invited members can see them.
    • Get email notifications when members publish or make changes to the designs in a group workspace.
    • Allow any member of the workspace to set up usability studies for your shares, and view results.
    • Access prototypes and design libraries directly from within Indigo Studio’s main app menu.
  • Announcing free and affordable subscription plans for Indigo Studio
    • Indigo Studio Essential, which brings all of Indigo’s essential design and prototyping features to you – absolutely free!
    • Indigo Studio Professional, which includes all of the collaborative tools and usability testing features you’ve come to love in Indigo while adding up to five concurrent group workspaces for teams.
    • Indigo Studio Enterprise, which offers the same full set of features as Indigo Studio Professional, with no caps or limits on group workspaces.
    • Visit how to buy
  • Bug fixes, of course.
2016 Vol. 1 (Update 0.4)
Improvements include
  • Fix for code-snippets panel slider erratic behavior (macOS Sierra)
  • Better long project paths validation
  • Better viewport picker rendering in high dpi monitors (Windows)
  • Fix for sporadic crashes when importing screenpart libraries
2016 Vol. 1 (Update 0.3)
Improvements include
  • Code snippets Copy to Clipboard link works on mac
  • Fixes for edge scenarios while saving and opening screens
2016 Vol. 1 (Update 0.2)
Improvements include
  • Validation when saving projects with long paths
  • Multiple save dialog focus handling
2016 Vol. 1 (Update 0.1)
Improvements include
  • Enabled setting styles from a Stylesheet on multiple selection
  • Fixed CTRL/CMD+Tab to navigate between tabs
  • Fixed issue when extracting code snippts on mac for specific controls
Announcing Indigo Studio 2016 Vol. 1
Get insights on how well your prototypes perform with real people based on what they do through our new Usability Studies on
  • Introducing Usability Studies on
    • Start by creating a study for any prototype shared on
    • Create tasks for the study and record the flows of how you expect your users to complete them.
    • Invite participants who can take your study remotely using a web browser on desktop or a mobile device.
    • Get a concise study summary including task success rates and completion times, always fresh as it’s live updated while the study is open.
    • Check the click-map visualization including both successful interactions and failed attempts to compare expectations against the designed flow.
    • Review feedback left by participants while running the tasks.
  • Introducing Stylesheets
    • Stylesheets are a new type of document that helps you keep consistent looks across your project.
    • They provide an empty canvas where you can drag and drop, customize, and name any number of UI elements.
    • You can then apply a named style on Screens and Screenparts and any update made on the stylesheet will immediately be reflected everywhere.
    • You can also use them to try visual alternatives. Just duplicate your stylesheet, modify that copy and then set it as default making the whole project look different.
  • Extracting code snippets
    • This version of Indigo Studio comes with support for generating code snippets in HTML/JS/CSS for the UI Elements of the Essentials Pack.
    • People implementing the designs don't need to inspect Indigo prototypes in detail, they can check the generated code to grab an RGB color, a CSS class, the details of a CSS animation, the Bootstrap configuration for responsive pages, and more.
    • Generation works on any number of selected elements or over an entire State of your Screen or Screenpart.
    • You can also get clean CSS code from Stylesheets.
  • And many other UX improvements to make the prototyping experience even more enjoyable!
2015 Vol. 2 (Update 1.2)
Improvements include
  • Fixed problem when editing a screenpart instance interaction
  • Improved screenpart library export dialog
2015 Vol. 2 (Update 1.1)
Improvements include
  • Fixed problem with iOS date pickers when running prototypes
2015 Vol. 2 (Update 1)
  • You can now use the ENTER or RETURN key to trigger interactions on text input elements
  • Added support for looping changes and transitions defined in the animation timeline (infinite loops)
  • Exposed more transition options to replay and/or reverse changes in the animation timeline (or animation segments)
  • You can now search and add Screenparts using the ALT+click shortcut (quick add)
  • Updated the visuals for generic phone, tablet and iPad device chromes
  • Support for flipping images horizontally or vertically
  • Changed the size and layout of thumbnails shown in the project gallery view
  • New toast notification style for export progress, capturing screenshot, and updating references
  • Updated the Font Awesome icon collection to the latest version (i.e., fresh icons)
  • Bug fixes
2015 Vol. 2 (Update 0.4)
Improvements include
  • Fixed problem with shapes when previewing prototypes in latest Chrome
2015 Vol. 2 (Update 0.3)
Improvements include
  • Better design-time experience for Drop Downs
  • Fixes in Properties Panel when selecting all controls in the design surface
2015 Vol. 2 (Update 0.2)
Improvements include
  • Fixed conditional text interactions for iOS Search Box
  • External links open in the default browser on Windows instead of Internet Explorer
  • Fixed visibility on some restored Timeline operations that were not shown after a Redo action
  • Fixes when working with empty Tabs, Radios, List Boxes and Drop Downs
  • Fixed memory leaks
2015 Vol. 2 (Update 0.1)
Improvements include
  • Fixed an issue related to scrolls in OS X El Capitan
  • Polishing around rich text design time experience
  • Callouts are properly added to the Annotations layer
  • Editing swipe interactions does not close the edit state on the Properties Panel
Announcing Indigo Studio 2015 Vol. 2
We changed how we name major releases for Indigo Studio, instead of Version 6 the new version is 2015 Vol. 2, learn more.
  • Add Comments to Prototypes Shared on
    • Unlimited number of comments and reviewers
    • Reviewers can add comments without requiring a user account
    • Mark comments for follow-up or archive old comments
    • Open or close comments at any time as a prototype owner
    • Comments are updated near real time
    • Choose to get notified by email when new comments are added
    • To use commenting, sign in with your account and share your prototypes on
  • Build More Powerful Prototypes
    • Support for inline text formatting (rich text) in the text UI element
    • Included all icons from FontAwesome
    • Support for rotating icons, and flipping them horizontally or vertically
    • Support for interactions based on text field value
Version 5 (Update 2.4)
Improvements include
  • Fixed problem with shapes when previewing prototypes in latest Chrome
Version 5 (Update 2.3)
Improvements include
  • Fixed an issue related to scrolls in OS X El Capitan
  • Responsive layout invitation
  • Message shown when a file cannot be opened
  • Fixed issues when deleting items in a repeater
  • Special thanks to Dhileepan Karthi for submitting the OS X issue!
Version 5 (Update 2.2)
Improvements include
  • Fixed an issue that prevented offline prototypes from opening in the Chrome browser
  • Links to external websites will now always open using the default web browser
  • Fixed a broken link for viewing copyright notice on
  • Fixed an issue related to remembering the most recent folder path for export
  • Performance tweaks related to switching between states using the mini IX explorer (for some specific scenarios)
  • Special thanks to Steve Rebiffe and Prashant Bhosale for submitting the Chrome issue!
Version 5 (Update 2.1)
Improvements include
  • Shortcuts for back/forward navigation between screen states
  • Recovered rich tootlip on Property Panel's title
  • Fixed Property Panel issue after removing a grid row
  • Minor fixes on import library dialog
Version 5 (Update 2)
  • New option for docking/fixing properties panel to the toolbox
  • Moved rulers to the outer edges of the design surface
  • Click+drag on ruler to create a new guide
  • New snap indicators when guides meet a UI element
  • Elements and layers panel is now shown as the third tab in the toolbox
  • Moved canvas quick actions (e.g. zoom and fit) to bottom right corner of the design surface
  • Moved save, undo/redo to the primary/contextual toolbar on top, alongside RUN option
  • Improved the performance when switching between UI states
  • Tweaks to the import a new screenpart library flow
  • Bug fixes
Version 5 (Update 1.1)
Improvements include
  • Less delay when opening export and replace dialogs
  • Automatic creation of a project when opening files without one
  • Memory leaks and bug fixes
Version 5 (Update 1)
  • Download and import libraries from
  • Changes to the "replace share" user flow to allow reviewing share details before replacing an existing share
  • Option to import screenpart libraries from the project home
  • Remember recently used export path (destination folder)
  • New option to sign in to from anywhere in the app
  • UI tweaks to the "Manage Shares" dialog to identify private shares linked to your user account
  • Bug fixes
Version 5 (Update 0.2)
Issues fixed include
  • Property panel supports scrolling depending on space available
  • Fixes for Drop Down, List Box and Radio
  • Exporting as "Files & assets" will always include any referenced screenparts
Version 5 (Update 0.1)
Issues fixed include
  • Improvements in the share dialog
  • Better error handling on calls to
Version 5 & introducing!
Share all your prototypes privately or with the community on Simply sign in inside Indigo Studio before sharing your designs. You can then access anything you shared on using the web browser, on any device.
  • Organize, download, and more
    • Use tags to organize your shares, edit their details anytime, download project files, or simply take a peek at usage analytics on
  • Share and import screenpart libraries
    • Indigo now introduces the possibility to share screenpart libraries if what you’re sharing are only screenparts. Libraries can then be imported on any project to allow easy reuse.
  • Explore designs uploaded by other users
    • Explore and download prototypes or reusable screenpart libraries contributed by users like you.
Version 4 (Update 3.3)
Improvements include
  • Property panel supports scrolling depending on space available
  • Fixes for Drop Down, List Box and Radio
Version 4 (Update 3.2)
Improvements include
  • Memory management
  • Image picker, screen designer toolbox loading and export dialog
Version 4 (Update 3.1)
Support for upgrading from version 4.x to version 5.
  • Issues fixed include
    • Position information is now correctly displayed when deleting a group
    • Show the correct z-order for nested screenpart when navigating to a new state and then returning to start state
Version 4 (Update 3)
  • Support for drag-reordering open tabs (documents)
  • Editors to enter position and size values
  • Refresh in project home to show changes in file system without re-opening project
  • Search for and delete Screenparts from toolbox
  • Enhancements to image picker to remember sort order and show image name
  • Tweaks to property editor to hide during multi-select
  • Visual tweaks to UI elements toolbox
  • Bug fixes
Version 4 (Update 2.1)
Issues fixed include
  • Fixed video player thumbs on the designer
  • Fixed .bmml file open
  • Layout improvements on Application Menu
Version 4 (Update 2)
  • Redesigned open project tabs as a compact dropdown to switch between projects
  • Redesigned application menu
  • Added dropdown menu to easily switch between open documents
  • Added new iPhone 6 and 6+ device chromes
  • Made tweaks to the iOS pack for iPhone 6/6+ devices
  • Enhanced Map view stencil to embed a Google map easily
  • Enhanced Video player stencil to display videos from services like Youtube, Vimeo
  • Added support for right-aligning content in text input box
  • Added new touch cursor when viewing device prototypes on the desktop
  • Bug fixes
Version 4 (Update 1.1)
Issues fixed include
  • Performance improvements for the image picker
  • Usability improvements when working with long timelines
  • Command+W no longer closes indigo on Mac
Version 4 (Update 1)
  • Support for background image inside cells of Bootstrap containers
  • Enabled generating HTML code assets from responsive prototypes (BETA)
  • Added option for creating new designs from the project tab
  • Added list view option in the project home
  • Added "Start a new Project" in the main application menu
  • Included sample that makes use of responsive views (under "samples" in the application menu)
  • Bug fixes
Version 4 (Update 0.2)
Issues fixed include
  • Minor fixes to design-time experience
  • Improvements when running responsive prototypes on devices
Version 4 (Update 0.1)
Issues fixed include
  • Responsive design-time experience improvements
Version 4
  • Added Responsive views to target webpage layout for phone/tablet/desktop and large desktop
  • Support for bootstrap rows and cells (columns) to design responsive layouts and extensible HTML markup
  • 12-Column layout grid powering the design canvas for precise responsive layouts
  • Fluid UI elements that automatically adjust and resize in web prototypes
  • Add and visualize margins for spacing UI elements in a web-friendly way
  • Switch between responsive views when viewing the prototype in the browser
Version 3 (Update 4.1)
Issues fixed include
  • Update mechanism improvements
Version 3 (Update 4)
  • Added rulers for the canvas
  • Added the ability to create and edit visual guides on the design surface
  • Added an option to disable common input controls (e.g., buttons, text fields)
  • Included more icons
  • Bug fixes to improve stability
Version 3 (Update 3.1)
Issues fixed include
  • Several image related issues
  • Navigate at the end of timeline issue in a screenpart source
  • Editing interactions in a screenpart instance
  • Shape in repeater template scenario
Version 3 (Update 3)
  • View and republish prototypes on the Infragistics servers, allowing you to reuse the prototype URL
  • View and delete any prototype shared on the Infragistics servers
  • Preview and open screen states right from inside project home
  • Easily add navigate-to interactions to a screen state of a different screen
  • Add a screenpart inside a screenpart source
  • Add a group inside a group and form groups of groups
  • Automatically size images for retina iOS device prototypes
  • Faster maintenance updates outside of major updates for quicker bug fixes
  • Improvements to the cut & paste operations, and preserved interactions
  • Bug fixes, naturally
Version 3 (Update 2)
  • Restyled Project Home - visual tweaks to project home to give it a new look
  • Paste as images from Clipboard - Indigo now understands image content placed on the clipboard. You can select an image or part of it from software like Snagit, preview (OS X), GIMP and paste it inside Indigo without the need of saving the image
  • Support for recently used colors and eye-dropper to pick colors
  • Remember recently used font and improvements to font picker – the last used font is set automatically for new elements
  • Remember sort by setting in project home – Indigo now remembers your last selection for sorting designs in each project
  • Inverted the ordering shown in Elements and Layers panel so that most recently added element is on top of the list
  • Bug Fixes, of course
Version 3 (Update 1)
  • Added image thumbnails in the list of shared screens in the prototype (Table of Contents)
  • Included three new fonts for designing your prototypes (Source Sans Pro, Roboto, Roboto Condensed)
  • Tweaked the visual style of interactions explorer to better connect it to the state name in the designer
  • Improved the appearance of the lock and visibility icons
  • Bug fixes
Version 3 & Introducing Screenparts
Screenparts let you reuse parts of your designs across screens and projects. You can create reusable custom buttons, dialogs, or navigation toolbars; even add the entire screen as a screenpart to use as a master. You can also create interactive widgets by adding interactions inside each screenpart!
  • Customize screenpart instances, as required, for any screen
    • After creating a new screenpart or converting an existing UI element into a screenpart, you have full creative control to override the screenpart instance. And just as easily reset the instance to the original screenpart.
  • Change source screenpart to update everywhere
    • Screenparts can be used as master elements on your screen. Any changes made to the source screenpart are automatically reflected wherever the screenpart is used. The screenpart can contain a single UI element (e.g., button), a collection of elements (e.g., footer design), or an entire page layout (e.g., Home page).
  • Create interaction flows inside screenparts with states
    • Define user interactions on the source screenpart. You can either define screenpart states to simulate widget-like functionality or add navigation interactions to reuse screenparts to navigate across screens.
  • Easily organize your screenpart/Custom UI Library
    • Add custom categories to organize screenparts in your UI library. You can also add a screenpart to multiple libraries by right clicking on it and using the context menu.
  • Export screenparts to use in a different project
    • Exporting screenparts packages up used images and categories. When you add it to another project, your screenpart library comes organized and ready to go.
Version 2 (Update 5)
  • Improvements to Project Home (Gallery view)
    • Manage your Indigo project from inside Indigo Studio application
      • Create/Move/Delete folders in the project (tree)
      • Drag and drop files into folders from inside Indigo, and without having to update navigation links
      • Added context menu (right click) for project tree items
    • It’s now easier to read longer screen/storyboard names
  • Changes to Container Editing
    • Containers are now edited as groups. As in, use double-click or hit enter key for a selected container to edit
    • Breadcrumbs navigation to help with editing nested elements/containers
    • Hold down SPACE (shortcut) to drag and drop content into container. No more accidental drops
    • Added drop target invitation when dragging an element on top of containers
  • Special Select Mode
    • Selecting with mouse cursor while holding the SPACE key will select a nested element directly (e.g., in containers or groups)
    • Support for Scrolling in Containers — Yay!
    • Also supported in tabs, pagers, and segmented tabs controls
    • To enable scrolling, resize the container by dragging from the bottom right corner in edition mode
    • Set to any scroll-position by moving the visible area of the container
  • Visual Improvements to ALT+CLICK Search
    • Bumped up the size of icons shown in ALT+CLICK search suggestions to match the UI elements in the toolbox
  • Bug fixes!
Version 2 (Update 4)
  • Enhanced Prototype Viewer
    • You can completely hide the toolbar when viewing or demoing prototypes
    • View a list of screens shared in the prototype, even on devices
    • Jump directly to any of the screen states using the Interactions Explorer (desktop browsers only)
  • More options (or rather removed some restrictions) when sharing your prototype
    • You can now share any number of screens in your project even if there are no interactions defined between them
    • When sharing a single screen, you can automatically include any linked screens
  • Added quick text formatting shortcuts (e.g., Ctrl + B or Cmd + B for bolding text)
  • Serious performance improvements when opening the project home/gallery
  • More responsive swipe gestures on devices
  • Added improvements to lock down scroll/bounce on iOS devices when scroll is not present and when added to home screen
  • And of course… bug fixes
Version 2 (Update 3)
  • Added feature to automatically update navigation links after you change the screen name. No more broken links!
  • Added unique URL for screen states when viewing prototypes in the browser. That is, you can share/bookmark a specific screen state or screen.
  • Made it easier to design for generic phone and tablet (e.g., Windows Phone, Android). You can also look up viewport dimensions for other devices.
  • You can now specify watermark or hint text for text fields.
  • Fixes for bugs reported by Indigo Users. If you have a case created with Indigo Support, you should be getting an email notification.
Version 2 (Update 2)
  • Releasing the new iOS 7 pack! Everything you love in the original iOS pack, but updated to match iOS 7 style.
  • Added auto-recovery feature to recover unsaved changes if Indigo Studio quits suddenly.
  • Added a way to set visibility of notes/annotations when sharing a prototype.
  • Remember most recently used folder path, when sharing prototypes to a folder location on your computer.
  • Remember most recently used icon group in the icon picker.
  • BETA- added ability to export HTML code assets when previewing a prototype or from a prototype that’s been shared in the browser. Email your feedback to Much appreciated!
Version 2 (Update 1)
  • Added display of x-y coordinate information for selected items and when dragging
  • Added display angle values when rotating elements that support rotation
  • Improved the style of tooltips to better separate filename from filepath information
  • Made improvements to PDF export to handle more situations
  • Improved the interactions and rendering of iOS date picker in the shared prototype
  • Fixed issue related to selecting images using the image pickers (control)
  • Fixed issue which caused screens to get clipped when navigating from a screen of smaller size to bigger one
  • ... and many more bug fixes.